Problem Statement
Panorama Education is a software development company focused in the education space. The purpose of their software is to help teachers and administrators use behavior backed approaches to improve student behavior and keep schools safer. Their desktop application was already seeing success in thousands of schools, but they wanted something in addition to the desktop tool that was more mobile friendly.

The Covid-19 Pandemic upended the education system, creating both a heavier reliance on technology and a dearth of challenges surrounding students’ social and emotional well being. Panorama saw an opportunity to create a product that would support teachers in helping their students and promote student safety by prioritizing positive behavior.

Panorama’s core platform allows teachers to report a range of student incidents and keep track of a student’s behavior over time. But when it comes to student safety, time is of the essence and teachers aren’t always able to file incident logs as they happen. Panorama wanted our help to create a companion mobile app that would allow teachers to file incident drafts in real time, and to promote positive behavior through behavior-specific praise.

Panorama  first approached us with the intent of utilizing our expertise in ionic and mobile UX design for their new mobile app  - a reporting and analytics tool for school administration. The expectations for this project were that it would be released as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and that it would be supported by Ionic Framework. With those specifications in mind, we got to work.

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